Sturdy brown & white corrugated cardboard singlewalled, doublewalled, telescopic & solid board stock Dapoxetine Generic Cheap & cartons in a range of popular sizes, styles & grades suitable for a variety of packaging applications
Boxes require tape, glue or strapping to seal them
This range is available in brown & white as standard however we can make custom colours, designs & styles (subject to minimum quantities)
We can also custom print boxes with your own logo or print design
Unless otherwise stated all dimensions given are internal
Prices exclude VAT

Q. Are the sizes you provide on your website internal or external?
A. All sizes that we give are internal sizes of the box.

Q. Can I have my company logo/details printed onto a shipping box?
A. We offer a bespoke printing service throught our entire range of boxes, subject to minimum order quantities and one off tooling charge.

Q. None of the stock sizes are quite right for my product. Can you produce a custom size?
A. Of course. We can manufacture boxes to your exact requirements. Please contact our sales staff for further details.

Q. The size of REF: XXXXX is perfect. Can i have this in a colour?
A. Yes. We can provide the stock boxes in colour for you. As with bespoke designs, this would be subject to a minimum order quantity.

Q. I understand about corrugated boxes but what are solidboard boxes?
A. Solidboard boxes are made from a single layer of cardboard. We currently offer a white, semi-gloss finish board with grey liner (500mu).


50 LP Record Mailing Boxes (Record Mailers) made by FingerPop
Office Product (FingerPop)
  • Perforated for easy fold
  • 12 1/2 x 12 1/2 and folds to 1/2 or 1
  • Light box but Strong (200 LB test corrugated)
  • US made not a cheaply made flimsy import
  • Factory-fresh from smoke free warehouse

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A box can be a car, bus, jail, place to keep the baby, animal (or pretend animal cage), train, boat, airplane, ...unending things.
yhey can paint it, color it, draw on it with markers or crayons, or leave it plain

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