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Custom Box Making & Crating services in Plymouth, MI, 48170 – Corrugated Boxes, Crating and Palletizing

September 6, 2013 – 11:35

Alleviating case material inventory pressures | Packaging World

Having trouble finding a box to fit a sculpture, piece of furniture, heavy equipment, or unusually-shaped item? Stock corrugated boxes are limited in the sizes that are available.

We can custom-make a box or crate to fit virtually anything. As packaging experts, we know which materials to use and how to create custom containers that fit your item like a glove and protect it while it’s being shipped.

  • Single and Double-Wall custom corrugated boxes
  • RSC, FOL, Five Panel Folders, Trays, Pads, and Divider/Cell Kits
  • Single Boxes and Short Runs - our automated box making equipment can have your order ready today!
  • Corrugated Honeycomb or Plank Styrofoam box lining available
  • Foamwrap
  • Foam-in-Place cushioning
  • Palletizing
  • Crating — full crate and skin-crates


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See how many power sellers shoot you down. Many will point you to a neg in their profile from the early days when they didn't know better.
I have received items in cereal boxes and didn't leave negative feedback, but not all buyers are unconcerned about packaging. You are running a higher risk of damage in transit because a cereal box does not offer the protection of corrugated cardboard.
It's your business and you can do as you please, but I'm just telling you that some buyers find it tacky.

Container shipping: the secretive industry crucial to our existence  —
They are the reason behind your cheap T-shirt and reasonably priced television. But who looks beyond a television now and sees the ship that carried .. The biggest container ship can carry 15,000 boxes.

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