Wine Shipping Boxes w Foam

Styrofoam Cooler Shipping Boxes

September 6, 2013 – 11:33

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#1 Cold Chain Foam Cooler supplier

Whether you are shipping food products, sensitive film, lab specimens, or medical products, MrBoxOnline has the perfect solution for your temperature-sensitive shipping and handling needs.

  • We save you time and money. Our leak proof, seamless molded 2-piece foam coolers come delivered to you nested inside a cardboard box. Our boxes are rated at a 200 pound bursting strength.
  • No need to spend the time taping the bottom of each box and inserting the cooler for use. We do all the work for you.
  • All of our foam coolers are reusable, recyclable and ozone friendly (no CFC’s).
  • At MrBoxOnline you don't have to order a pallet of foam coolers. You can buy just one!

Our temperature controlled containers are perfect for shipping lab samples, vaccines, biopsy materials, liquids, and culture packs. Adding our gel packs provides optimum protection for items that need to be chilled during transit. Our 1-1/2" wall coolers will provide at least 48 hours of chill time during transit when used with our gel pack, dry ice, moisture guards or foam bricks.
If you plan on using our gel packs, please leave enough room inside the container for the additional space required for the packs. It's best to order one size larger to ensure desired temperature control. foam cooler sizing mrboxonline.pdf (745.58 Kb).

Stock sizes as of August, 2013
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Ask MrBox!

Q: What is the difference between Gel Packs vs. Dry Ice?

  • Use Dry Ice for shipping FROZEN goods as Dry Ice will freeze everything in the shipping box.
  • Use gel packs for goods to be REFRIGERATED.
  • A combination of dry ice and gel packs will extend the shipping time by several days if the shipped items can be frozen for a short time or thawed for a short time. Note: Dry Ice temperature is extremely cold at -109.3°F or -78.5°C. Always handle Dry Ice with care and wear protective cloth or leather gloves whenever touching it.
  • For Dry Ice plan on using 5 to 10 pounds for each 24-hour period depending upon the quality of the insulated shipping container. Using our 1-1/2” thick containers will ensure an above average results.
  • Gel packs or moisture guards as a general rule, use one pound per cubic foot per day


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Get a wine shipping case

Beverages & More. They have boxes for 1, 3 and 12 bottles. You could just take the styrofoam part out of the box and use it inside your bag.
We flew across the country to Puerto Rico with a case of wine and took it on board no problem. Two suitcases, a make-up bag and a big box of wine!
IIRC, while wine is allowed, booze is not, so you have to 'sneak' it on. The people down the hall even brought a blender-imagine that!

Ship gets send-off from Gallo family  — Merced Sun-Star
0 Comments E-mail Print. Ofelia Gallo cuts a rope that frees a bottle smash against the hull to christen a cargo ship that will carry her family's wine around the globe. MATT SALVO ..

Union Gospel Mission: Opposing viewpoints, follow-up and photos  — Sacramento News & Review
That means hundreds of individuals who could have done their time locally and perhaps benefited from community treatment programming were instead shipped off to overcrowded state penitentiaries. The worst thing about .... Sacramento County.

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  • Vampira 2 Piece Dress, Leggings. Black, Purple, Wine. (Jewelry NOT Included) (Overdress is SHEER)
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  • 100% Polyester (Hand Wash Cold. Dry Flat. No Bleach/Iron.)
  • Sheer Mesh Footless Leggings w/ Elastic waist; Sleeveless Stretch knit black mini Underdress; Sheer Purple/Wine Overdress w/ Black velvety burnout design, Laces...
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The Art of Fermentation  — Wine-Searcher
Grapes possess an ideal balance of sugars, acids, and tannins to support yeast growth, so it is easy to fully ferment grape juice into a strong alcoholic beverage to store, age, and ship around the world. In addition, the ..

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